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Wild Turkey Tales

Thanksgiving is a memorable day for family gatherings, festive meals, fellowship and thanking the Lord for our many blessings. Traditional celebrations will make a feast around the beloved turkey.  We had a delicious meal at our daughters today and enjoyed it very much. She tried a variety of new recipes and we loved them all, especially the brined turkey. I’m thankful she sent us home with leftovers! I will leave you a link to her recipes at the end of this post. Now on to my turkey tale.

Wild turkeys gather on my parents farm. The iconic birds arrive unannounced off-season and put on a show. On a weekend visit one spring, we observed such a gathering. Several toms strutted near the house, showing off their plumage. We peered out the windows and were certainly impressed!

Wild Turkey

Wild turkeys are a beautiful bird!


Wild Turkey Strut

Wild turkeys show off their impressive plumage.


Wild Turkeys strut and show off their plumage

Wild Turkeys strut and show off their plumage in early spring.


Turkeys on the farm.

The turkeys dash across the farm yard.


Wild turkeys on the farm

Wild turkeys can run up to 20 miles per hour. We were amused to watch them run back and forth across the farm-yard.


Wild turkeys on the farm

Wild turkeys race across the farm.


Wild turkeys roosting

At dusk the wild turkeys roost in the elm trees.


Wild turkeys roost in elm trees

These wild turkeys are among a dozen that roosted in the large elm trees on the farm.


Wild turkeys at bird feeder

The turkeys feast on bird seed that the finches and blue jays scattered on the ground.


Wild turkeys feed on berries and nuts

Wild turkeys like  tree berries and nuts. The bird feeders are located by juniper trees near the kitchen window. The kitchen window makes perfect viewing for these birds!

Here are a few facts about wild turkeys that you may not know:

1. In Native American culture, turkey feathers symbolize abundance, pride and fertility. They were used for various regalia. It’s not hard to visualize a headdress with turkey feathers. I took a photo of one a few months ago at a museum that was very impressive.

2. Wild turkeys fly up into trees at night and roost in groups.

3. Wild turkeys can swim when they need to.

4. Wild turkeys are the most popular game bird.

5. Turkeys  gobble with a distinctive sound that can be heard a mile away.

6. Wild turkeys are curious creatures. One liked to roost on my parents roof and peek into their front storm door.

If you live in an area with a turkey habitat you could attract wild turkeys by planting nut-bearing or berry trees, especially if you have a large yard near woods.

 My Thanksgiving post would not be complete without some photos of food. Here are a few shots of our traditional Thanksgiving feast last year, when all of our kids gathered together at my folks farm with my brothers and their children. Precious times with my people! 

Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes

Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes a family favorite!


Turkey placecard holders or table decor are made with corks.

Turkey placecard holders or table decor are made with corks. Jello salad is traditional for any occasion at Mom’s house.


Give Thanks turkey place cards

Thankful for our feast! The kids made the turkey place card holders and decided they didn’t want to make 24 of them, so we used them as decorations on the table to give thanks!


Thanksgiving Pie

Thanksgiving pies for dessert! Don’t you love to get your pie on?

For these printable patterns and an assortment of Thanksgiving ideas and recipes visit my Give Thanks pinterest board. The recipes for the yummy new dishes we sampled today at Alissa’s are here and her delicious turkey was here. We really liked the roasted vegetables and cauliflower salad.

Thanksgiving Printable

Thanksgiving printable on Spode Woodland paper plates- perfect for Thanksgiving

From our house to yours, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. May you feel the love of the Father who has blessed us beyond measure, even in lean or challenging times.

In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  1 Thessalonians 5:18

Grace to you

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