Enchanting entry of Briar Rose Bakery.

Visiting Briar Rose Bakery

Briar Rose Bakery will nourish your cravings and prompt you to dream about your next visit. It’s one of my favorite spots to frequent with people I care about, while indulging in delicious homemade fancies and being inspired by the magical setting.

I introduced Briar Rose to some besties on a girl trip/get out-of-town birthday celebration. In between a hasty kolache and more lengthy Daisies & Olives, we lingered at Briar Rose to feast on a table filled with breakfast dessert. Girl time at this award-winning pâtisserie was a special treat!

Enchanting entry of Briar Rose Bakery.

Framed Fairytale Feature. Step into Briar Rose stone cottage facade and appreciate the creatives who will serve you.

Cottage storefront of Briar Rose Bakery offers four entrances including a dwarf door.

If you are a child at heart, plan to enter this fairytale cottage through the dwarf size door. To capture the full effect, our threesome did that. Pastry filled counters beckoned our immediate attention. We ordered several items in preparation to sample each other’s selections.

Briar Rose breakfast croissant assortment. I usually choose one of these!

Briar Rose Bakery Dipped Strawberries

Select from a wide assortment of tarts, cakes, mousse, eclairs, pastry, cookies, bars, cheesecakes, and cupcakes at Briar Rose Bakery. Some of the cakes have cheesecake filling. One of my favorite cakes has a cheesecake filling and a lemon curd topping.

Briar Rose beautifully decorated Chocolate Cake. They do ganache well!

 The main room is filled with artfully painted wooden tables, storybook painting on the walls and a view of the pergola covered courtyard. Freshly baked breads line the counters in front of the stone oven.

Briar Rose front table and storybook page artwork above window.

Detail of Briar Rose Storybook Page Entry

Looking out to Briar Rose Courtyard

Wisely, birthday girl chose to eat in this first room filled with large tables. We needed plenty of room to spread out our breakfast dessert selections. She picked a favorite out of the uniquely painted tables, and we promptly settled in with comfortable conversation while arranging our sweet assortments.


Briar Rose table top painting

Briar Rose table top painting

Briar Rose table top painting

Briar Rose table top painting

A fairytale mural fills the walls leading outdoors to the courtyard.

Briar Rose princess painting on the large wall mural.

Briar Rose handsome prince painting on the large wall mural.

Briar Rose painted mural

Hand-Painted urn on wall mural

The yellow and red room is my pick for cozy seating. It has wing back chairs, round tables, floral drapes, and striped ceiling. It’s close to the large coffee bar which features brew and flavored whipped cream options. Parallel to the coffee bar is the checkout counter. The matching counters have the same molding and painted embellishment on each cabinet door which give them a lovely custom look and creative symmetry. This wide corridor connects the dining rooms, sneaks a peek into the busy kitchen, and houses tiers of baked goods and other temptations.

Briar Rose cozy seating. Don’t you love the striped yellow ceiling in this cheery room?


Lovely embellished cabinet doors have special molding and hand painted roses to customize them.

We wrapped up our girl time gathering bags of extras to be savored later, chatted about a future time we should come and proceeded to our next stop.

 It’s become a tradition with the grandchildren to make a stop at Briar Rose when traveling to NWA. (North West Arkansas) Earlier this month, the stop for a fairytale breakfast starred five grands utilizing three areas of the bakery for footage in a movie they were staging. Two scenes found them chattering about a morning news flash, seated in cozy chair settings indulged in iced cinnamon rolls and croissant sausage wraps. Of course, the last scene depicted the 11-year-old villain (art museum painting thief) dashing out the dwarf door with sleuths, aged 7-11 in hot pursuit. We didn’t have many leftovers that day as we headed to Crystal Bridges Art Museum, where important film would be captured while imaginations soared.

The dwarf door makes this cottage entry of Briar Rose Bakery very inviting for children.

Briar Rose has been an enchanting place to create special memories with exceptional people. I look forward to each visit filled with delightful options and people I care about.

Who wants to go next?

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6 Responses to Visiting Briar Rose Bakery

  1. 4oaksfarm September 24, 2018 at 6:41 pm #

    I really enjoyed reading this post and seeing the pictures of this place. If I had heard of it, I sure did not remember it and is somewhere I’d love to visit. Looks like a completely unique experience!

    • withendlessgrace September 25, 2018 at 6:59 am #

      Rhonda, it’s not that far west of 540. Your artsy family would like it. I understand that the family that started it was inspired by some homes and businesses in Carmel, where they loved to visit. After moving here from California, they were able to create the storybook charm they had a vision for. We’ve talked of a trip to Siloam, we must stop here along the way!

  2. Jenny Young September 24, 2018 at 8:21 pm #

    I love Briar Rose bakery! We held our son’s wedding rehearsal dinner there 5 yrs ago. They did a fabulous job making little barbecue sandwiches & we had their famous cheesecake for dessert.

    I love their lunch menu even more than breakfast.

    • withendlessgrace September 25, 2018 at 7:13 am #

      Jenny, thanks for stopping by and sharing your helpful comments! I imagine your guests for the rehearsal dinner really enjoyed their meal and dessert, and that you could enjoy the event knowing it was in good hands. We picked up some of their barbecue last weekend on our way to visit our son’s new baby. Didn’t have time to slip into the bakery unfortunately. I have only eaten lunch there once and enjoyed it. Typically our visit there is when we are enroute to somewhere North so we catch it at the beginning or end of a day trip. I like their focaccia bread when we happen to be there on the right day. Sounds like I need to try the famous cheesecake! It’s probably good that I don’t live real close. They have so many great choices, I am slowly working on sampling everything. 🙂

  3. autumn September 25, 2018 at 5:37 am #

    Briar Rose is amazing! A culinary & atmospheric treat that should be slowly savored as an eating event. It’s a nice change of pace from the usual hurried “I’ll have a #3 with cheese” lunch routine. I totally expect your next post to be the grands cinematic masterpiece (soon to be a classic 5 star must see!)

    • withendlessgrace September 25, 2018 at 7:25 am #

      Everyone should have the privilege of visiting Briar Rose with you, Autumn. Celebrating your birthday there was a huge treat! Since laughter is good medicine, we had a large enough dose to last us until your next birthday. Let’s celebrate early this time! Check your calendar for next week. 🙂 I get to see the movie next month when we see them. Have seen some of their productions and of course Grandma thinks they are quite impressive! The kids chattering in the car making plans about the movie was one of my favorite parts of that day. They originally had plans to kidnap the president, but when I suggested they consider the settings we had planned on visiting that day, which were the bakery, art museum, and Compton Gardens, they changed their plot.

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