Miss Aimie B's special lemonade

Lunch at Miss Aimee B’s Tea Room

Miss Aimee B’s Tea Room is a local favorite in St. Charles. Sister and I live far enough apart, we squeeze in as much as we can when we get together. I asked her if we could go out for a special lunch so we could celebrate her birthday. Her birthday was three weeks away, but we would not be together for another 6 months.  She suggested several ideas and we settled on the tea room nestled into a mid 1800’s home. She had taken our parents there and I heard stories about the special lemonade at Miss Aimee B’s.

Being silly when we are together, well, it’s just something we do.  We knew our fun had only begun and we anticipated a lovely lunch. We didn’t know our silliness would lead to new friendships. Upon arriving at the historic brick beauty, Miss Aime B’s, we paused at the arbor to take a selfie. Who would know that would be so difficult for me. Staring into the sun, I could not keep my eyes open for sis’ phone to count to 3 and literally ruined each shot.  We laughed after each failed attempt and had readied ourselves to try one last time, when we heard a voice behind us.  The sweet woman approaching us confessed she had been watching us out of the window, and asked if she could help. We were amused and embarrassed our antics had been on display. After Ms. Helpful confirmed she got a shot, she hurried back to the tea room,  but not before disclosing that she was the cook and would be the preparing our food!

 Don’t you know we had fun giggling about that for the next several hours. We also chided ourselves that we missed an opportunity to get a selfie with the cook!

We were determined to master our selfie attempts and were making our first attempt when the hostess asked if she could take it for us, which we obliged.

Miss Aimie B's special lemonade

“special lemonade”  at Miss Aimee B’s Tea Room has several secret ingredients

But as soon as she left the room, we took one of many selfies we posed for that weekend. We made sure to capture the lovelies on the fireplace.

special lemonade at Miss Aimie B's

Enjoying Miss Aimee B’s Tea Room


tomato bisque soup with asparagus quiche

Savory Tomato Bisque Soup, homemade croutons and Asparagus Quiche

The lunch was delightful and flavorful. I love that they used a lace doily to present the bisque.  Upon finishing we shared sister’s complementary teacake and wandered up the tall staircase to find the gift shop.

antique sewing machine

beautiful two spool antique sewing machine in gift shop

In addition to the gift shop, we discovered  another kitchen and a princess room bedecked with large tables, wooden chairs and colorful decor. There was also a large hallway with shelves full of cups and saucers and pretty dishes and an area for dress up clothes. After several photos in the princess room, and trying on hats in the gift shop, we stepped through the Victorian screen door out onto the second story balcony. We took turns posing by some huge pained windows that were from an old church remodel from across the street.

antique screen door and windows

Tea at Miss Aimee B’s Tea Room


history board

History board of Miss Aimee B’s Tea Room, St Charles, MO


On our way out, we passed by a screen door leading to the kitchen. Our server stepped out to give us details on a little secret. Our cook was on the schedule to help serve at a shower that afternoon. Ms. Helpful didn’t know the event was a surprise wedding shower for her. We asked Server if she would summon Hostess and Cook for a photo. The girls were gracious and fun while we posed for several shots.


miss aimie B's

Finally, a selfie with the cook! Bonus, is to get one with the bride to be and our helpful staff.


Miss Aimie B's

Porch entrance to Miss Aimie B’s Tea Room.


vintage arch window

Before we left, we took a closer look at this beautiful relic. The antique arch window is from the church across the street. I would love to have some of these to create a garden room!

The last stop on our agenda was  Secondhand Chic Marketplace in nearby Frenchtown.   I was very tempted by this stack of  ceiling tiles with this unique design. I’m still pondering how I might use them.

antique ceiling tiles

love these antique ceiling tiles in perfect condition


baby bed iron spring

Clever use of this iron bed spring to hang dried flowers. Love the sweet wicker table and rose paper boxes.


painted suitcase at antique booth

Sister tends to buy lavish purses when we are together. Note the chalk painted suitcase.

Four linen embroidered towels are my keepsakes for the day. They were from two different shops and paired nicely together.  It’s fun to have little mementos of special times to add to the story.

antique linen towels

Lovely embroidered linen hand towels. Note the mirrored images on the pink set.


We had a relaxing evening with our husbands and enjoyed a delicious grilled supper and time around the fire pit. Tomorrow is a full day with lots of adventure to share. One of my favorite things was learning more about the St. Louis World’s Fair. I look forward to sharing it with you.

Grace & joy to you ’til then,


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  1. Marcie Barnes July 18, 2016 at 7:09 pm #

    Joanne, we had so much fun downtown St. Charles together! Of course anywhere we are together we have a blast. I hadn’t laughed as like that day for a long time. You know what they say, laughter is the best medicine especially when with your sis!!! ?

    • withendlessgrace July 18, 2016 at 9:26 pm #

      Oh my, what silliness we enjoyed together! Yes, our laughter did the heart good! (insert British accent) We had such a lovely holiday. The special lemonade was splendid, and we’ll have to get together again soon!

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