Friendship Friday #2

My friendship feature this week is about my husband.  We’ve been best friends for over 40 years this year. The focus of this feature is to acknowledge his willingness to paint our large Victorian home. October is a great month in our area for painting. Temperatures are pleasant, scenery is beautiful and with winter around the corner, we are motivated to make progress on this large scale project!

Husband painting

Husband doesn’t like his photo taken. He caught me taking this photo and threatened to throw his paintbrush at me. The thought of doing that made him smile.


Balcony getting primed

He is priming the balcony in this shot. We will need scaffolding to finish the Edwardian window on the second story.


house painting project

Balcony is getting painted yellow. It will fade to match the vinyl siding in a short amount of time.


October fall color

October is a great month in our area for painting. The columns paint up so beautifully!


Painting columns by the pomegranate tree

Transforming the columns with paint!


Autumn splendor

Autumn splendor is enjoyed while we work on our painting project. While prepping in-between the corner columns with a dremel sander, a very large bee kept swarming me on the ladders. I’m sure it was very comical as I kept a broom with me to attempt to fan it away. Thankfully, I didn’t fall off the ladder and am very thankful husband has the columns in this corner beautifully painted!

Monday’s post shows the paint progress since last October and will be our starting point for this year.


Pomegranate picking

October is when our pomegranates are ripe. I will devote a separate post for that next week. One of husband’s favorite things to do is to share pomegranates with the grands. They sit on the front step and spit seeds together.

Allow me to change the subject and mention that War Eagle Craft Show is taking place this weekend. It’s a biannual event held at War Eagle Grist Mill in the spring and fall. War Eagle is a short drive from us through the Ozark Mountains. The event draws visitors from all states and is worthy of your time to enjoy  craftsmanship and beauty of the area. The following photo was a fun memory of time spent together with our daughter and family several years ago. Daughter’s birthday falls on War Eagle weekend every year, so occasionally we head to that event to celebrate together.

War Eagle Craft Show

War Eagle Fall Craft Show in mid October is fun for all ages.

Husband, I’m thankful we are walking through life together. You are a blessing to me! Life has challenges, and we have shared many, but the joys and wonders are very rewarding. Lord, help me to purpose to pray for my husband regularly. Here are 25 meaningful scriptures to pray for him.

I’m thankful for our rich heritage and legacy!

Grace to you

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5 Responses to Friendship Friday #2

  1. autumn October 14, 2016 at 11:44 am #

    October is definitely the time to go to hubby with “honey do” list. The beautiful scenery around your house is enough to entice anyone to want to work outside. Seriously – you could probably get random strangers to work if you offered coffee and baked goods. You are so blessed to have a husband willing to help. Although…….. he looked totally serious about flicking paint on you!

  2. Jenny Young October 23, 2016 at 4:58 pm #

    I hopped over to your blog to read your post about your pomegranate tree then began browsing because I enjoyed it so much! (I am sorry, I can’t remember what blog hop I came from)

    Then I came to this post & see you’re near War Eagle! I’m in western Benton county, not very far from War Eagle myself. So I had to ask if you’d mind telling me where you are – at least the town or county. I’d love to grow a pomegranate tree myself. Do they handle our harsh winters? I just assumed they would be like citrus trees & you’d need to bring them inside. Do they go dormant in winter?

    Obviously you’ve sparked an interest in my garden heart.

    • withendlessgrace October 24, 2016 at 6:17 am #

      Good morning Jenny, thanks for stopping by. How fun that we live so close! We live in Ozark, Franklin County. Our son & wife live in Fayetteville and it is colder than here. The late freeze we had last year caused enough harm to the tree my husband thought he would have to cut the tree down and start over. Thankfully, he decided to wait a few more weeks and it finally (one month behind schedule) started leafing out again. They lose their leaves in the winter, so it is a bit hard to tell if they are alive until they start leafing out.

      You are welcome to come by for a cutting if you get this way. I hope to start some with cuttings, but it’s still on the to do list.I was so surprised to see that it would grow here. It’s really quite a novel. Because of conversations with people about our tree, I have learned of a couple other trees in the area and have shared seedlings with others that are having good success. They can bear fruit the first year, so are very rewarding to grow! I can’t believe we haven’t planted more in our own yard.

      Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I hope you will come again! And seriously, come and see me and I can divide some of my plants to nurture your garden heart. I love to share plants from the yard.

      Have a great week!

  3. Jenny Young October 24, 2016 at 2:43 pm #

    I’m in northwest Benton county – north of Siloam Springs. I think we’re usually just a little warmer than Fayetteville but not much. Plus we live on Swepco Lake & I think it forms a little microclimate in our yard from the hot steam off the water in the winter.

    I would certainly love to try growing one at least! Maybe next spring we could connect?

    I’ll be following your blog through feedly. I’ve already read every post & enjoyed it very much.

    • withendlessgrace October 24, 2016 at 3:10 pm #

      Jenny, I look forward to meeting you! I haven’t been to Swepco Lake. Is it fed by one of the springs? I have heard about some springs near Siloam, but didn’t ask where they were. Another son went to JBU and met his wife there. They spoke about some spring type places that they ventured to. They and four of our grands live in Texas.

      I will try to get some cuttings going this fall. I need to prune the tree up anyway before winter, so know I will be pruning. I just don’t know how the cuttings will grow this time of year, but I will be finding out!

      I met a new friend through my IG account that lives in a historic home in Siloam whom I want to visit. If you don’t venture down to our home, I can definitely plan on heading your direction. We can figure that out this spring. 🙂

      Thanks for your encouraging feedback. That really means a lot to me!


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