Vintage Birthday Greeting

Friendship Friday #1

Friendship is a treasure. I’m thankful to be blessed beyond measure with amazing friends! I’d like to feature some of my creative friends on a weekly basis and categorize them on this blog as my Circle of Friends. Today I’m going to share some photos and share a few details about one of such friends. Autumn was one of three that gathered together a few years ago in a cozy commercial building to teach craft & other classes. We called our group the “Circle of Friends”.  Through those classes we made some bonding friendships and our own friendships grew closer. There is something very special about project girls working and learning together.  We will never forget those special memories of time well spent.

Last Friday, we gathered at Miss Autumn’s house to celebrate a mutual friend’s birthday. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of the handful of guests, but snapped some photos for inspiration. I will tell you we enjoyed delicious chicken noodle/vegetable soup over fresh biscuits, garlic cheese bread, fall salad and chocolate cake with ganache. Laughter filled our time together as we chatted and celebrated the joy of friendship. I was delighted that teen age granddaughter was able to join us. She told me on the way home how much she enjoyed it and that she had fun!

Fall front door display

Seasonal garland lines door with fall flower basket. Paper mache pumpkin man greets guests.

The front door is a current example of Autumn’s expertise in staining techniques. She also uses various painting techniques on furniture and other projects.

Fall front door

Fall garland and basket at front entry. Paper mache pumpkin man greets guests.

Autumn has been crafting for most of her life. When I first met her she had scaled down to a few craft shows a year. When she wasn’t creating her inventory for shows, she was fulfilling orders for specialty dolls and creatures for clients. Her favorite medium is paper mache and she is master at it! This summer while preparing the set for her church’s Vacation Bible School, she created large paper mache boulders and sea creatures for the set. Last summer, when she went on City Reach mission trip with her church, she helped dozens of students create Venus Flytrap creatures using paper mache as one of their projects.

Presently Autumn teaches art at our local Christian school and says she has found her niche in life there. She loves it and I know the kids love her. She has a zany humor that everyone loves about her and a heart of gold. She tells me that she looks forward to each class and that she leaves feeling energized. I’d say she is in the right spot, wouldn’t you? Autumn also serves as a Sunday school teacher. Her students enjoy learning about the Word in their elaborately decorated room which she changes monthly/seasonally.


Front Entry fall decor

Old screen door and front hallway styled for fall.


Fall fireplace mantle

Fall fireplace mantle with candles in fireplace. Autumn carefully placed all these rocks to build the fireplace. “It was like a huge mosaic project!”  She and her husband laid the beautiful wood floors.


Fall arrangement in bath.

Creative fall decor on bath vanity will make you smile. She went to great lengths to find the pumpkin spice hand soap for us!


Fall decor on vanity

Custom vanity with scrolled legs made by one of our friends who is a contractor. One of her specialties is custom cabinetry.

I will purpose to take more photos of Autumn’s creative touches in their home to share with you at a later date. Here are two photos of her vegetable garden, which is in the construction phase. This girl knows how to grow basil! Last year she brought me two tumbleweed size basil plants that were waist high right before the frost. She knows how much I love pesto.  (My basil plants are still sitting on the patio unplanted.)

Fresh basil in the garden

Fresh basil is the size of a large shrub!


Fresh basil and windmill

Country garden with windmill and fresh basil

Upon entering the party, my gift was left on the front porch. It was an old bucket filled with dirt. Our birthday girl loves gardening and fresh greens. A little gift card and seed packet with this season’s echinacea seeds were tied to the handle with strands of burlap gleaned from Autumn’s craft closet.

Fall front porch and bucket of greens

Front porch fall decor with wheelbarrow and pumpkins.
Old bucket with fresh greens as a container planting for a gift.


Visit my pinterest board for dozens of vintage seed packet designs here. The seed packet design printable I used for birthday girl is found here.

Seed packet

Seed packet printable by glenda


Vintage Birthday Greeting

Vintage birthday card from Little Birdie Blessings and Graphic Fairy postcard.

I will close with this birthday greeting that is very fitting for our friendship birthday gathering. Autumn, thank you for hosting us for our beloved friend. Rhonda, beloved friend, here is a poem for you that is penned from Helen Steiner Rice that was featured on Abby’s blog, Little Birdie Blessings.

I said a Birthday Prayer for you –
And I asked the Lord above
To keep you safely in his care
And enfold you in his love –
I did not ask for fortune,
For riches or for fame,
I only asked for blessings
In the Savior’s Holy name –
Blessings to surround you
In times of trial and stress,
And inner joy
To fill your heart
With Peace and Happiness.

Grace to you

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4 Responses to Friendship Friday #1

  1. autumn October 7, 2016 at 8:12 am #

    Missy Joanne – you are so sweet and honoring my friend. Thank you for mentioning only good stuff about me. Procrastination tendencies anyone? We can talk about that later :). The BD party was awesome. Rhonda can be a bit of a hermit and it took the promise of chocolate cake and kidnapping threats to get her to show up. I remember sitting there thinking ‘these are the people I’m going to spend all eternity with’ and it filled my heart with gladness.

    • withendlessgrace October 14, 2016 at 7:11 am #

      I love your thoughts about spending eternity together and claim the promise in Roman’s 10:9 and many other references “that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved;”

      Thanks for your encouraging words and for all the preparation to make the birthday celebration so special. You have quite a flair for hospitality and your love for people shines!

      The vintage birthday card graphic reminds me of the 4 celebrants getting ready to devour your cake. Their Victorian garb will be an inspiration for our costumes for the next Christmas House Boutique!

  2. Rhonda October 10, 2016 at 11:31 am #

    Happy emotion reading this. The birthday poem! I’m just seeing this now. I love this post and the beauty of this home sheds a great light on a life filled with love and beauty that spills over on her loved ones. How fortunate for all in her path.

    • withendlessgrace October 14, 2016 at 6:10 am #

      Rhonda, did you notice the vintage birthday card and the notes that Abby added to it? It represented us very well, I dare say. Thanks for the gift of friendship and for your encouraging words!

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