Back yard quiet time setting

Fall Fountain Feature

Autumn brings new possibilities with styling of the beloved pumpkin. Urns and fountains are my favorite container garden opportunities. Last week, an opportunity presented itself to merge the two. While working for a friend, I moved her pumpkin to the fountain and softened it with plantings. Her quiet time area has a new centerpiece, and she is pleased with the simplicity for her solitude.

Pumpkin in Fountain

Pumpkin in fountain, with sedum and violets.


“I hope you don’t mind that I moved your pumpkin”, I confessed as she peeked out the door to check on me. “I love it,” said she. I suggested, “it needs some plants draping over the side. There is a bit of sedum, but I need a lot more.”  “I’ve had it growing there in the past, but now it’s growing in this corner, if you can use it”, she offered, as she pointed me to the prize. I quickly scooped up handfuls of the long strands of green, with bare hands, and buryed them with potting soil into the basin. Setting the pumpkin on top,  we both agreed it was not complete. It needed a filler.  A few violets tucked around the base of the pumpkin in several spots seemed to soften the edge just enough. It was instant gratification and no cost to her.

Pumpkin in Fountain

This is the view of the Secret Garden from the back yard gate. It’s a spot she uses for her quiet time.

 The setting is her secret garden that has been neglected all summer. The fountain had some empty plastic containers sitting in it. I had been walking back and forth in the yard, weeding, and moving plants from an assigned area. Her husband is coming home in a few days after being out of town for some health issues. She has only spent two days at home in four months, driving back and forth caring for him. It’s been so fun helping her spruce things up for his homecoming.

Back yard quiet time setting

The arch shaped trellis was relocated to enhance her quiet time fall sanctuary.

A simple adjustment to create a centerpiece makes this area inviting. Never mind that there are plants to be thinned, saplings to be pulled and pots of flowers added. It will come in time, and the process is part of the joy. This is a huge yard with various garden rooms, and lovely features. She and her husband have worked together to create the beauty. She’s in a stage of life that I will be in fifteen years. She has dreams yet to be fulfilled yet is adjusting to allow various people help do things she has always done herself.

Autumn setting with pumpkin in fountain.

Inviting view for passerby’s to enjoy.

The wooden gate is often left open so neighbors and walkers can enjoy the view into her secret garden. It’s a glorious time of year to enjoy fresh air and outdoors!

pumpkin in fountain

Pumpkin in Fountain with sedum and violets make a simple centerpiece in the garden.

Another angle with different lighting.

Pumpkin in Fountain

Pumpkin in fountain, makes garden centerpiece. Mid day lighting in the secret garden.


Philippians 4:8

Little Birdie Blessings has several Philippians 4:8 printables. I love her work and this verse!

Philippians 4:8 is one of my favorite verses. Enjoy this new season as you think about such things.

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Grace to you

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  1. autumn September 27, 2016 at 3:28 am #

    So enchanting! Surely, anyone walking by and chancing to spy your art work will pause and smile.

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