Simple embellished card for valentine

Hearts, Valentines and Amazing Love

Valentines Day has always been one of my favorites. It’s a day to remember and to be remembered. It is an opportunity to remind someone how special they are to you. Keepsakes of love letters/cards from dear husband, special cards from thoughtful mother, family or friends, handwritten notes and drawings from our children and grandchildren are carefully tucked away in boxes and drawers. These meaningful expressions of love, affection, or encouragement are tangible professions of endearment.

Simple embellished card for valentine

Embellish a card with ribbon, paper scraps and stamp a special message to create a unique valentine. Express endearment to someone you love and appreciate.

When our kids were growing up, Valentines Day was an opportunity to give a special gift, make heart-shaped foods and celebrate our love for one another. It was a traditional time to decorate heart-shaped sugar cookies and enjoy chocolate together. Currently, I send a few handmade valentines or make heart-shaped treats.  A few completed projects fall short of my volumes of good intentions! Visit my hearts and valentines pinterest board  for ideas for dearhearts in your life.

Garden Theme Handmade Card

Use scraps of lace, ribbon and paper to create a simple Valentine.

We celebrated Valentines Day early this year by going to a nearby city’s theatrical production of Sense and Sensibility. Our neighbor is the costume designer and seamstress, while her sister plays a humorous role, which made the play extra enjoyable. Enroute to the show, I asked husband if we could travel a certain route so I could photograph a train bridge at twilight.  This bridge is architecturally beautiful and intriguing to me. After snapping a few unsatisfactory photos while driving across the heavily trafficked bridge, I was surprised to note there was a train on the bridge! I was thrilled when hubbie asked if I would like him to find a way to get a closer look. The first attempt led to a locked gate, but the next entrance led to a  sandy beach so I could walk right up along the shore. I was thankful the train “waited for me” to get some photographs and after noting several clues, we surmised it was a dinner train,  (confirmed later by an internet search).

Train Bridge at Twilight

You can readily see the trains reflection in the river and see the lights of the engine. It is stopped at the section that lowers down for trains to finish crossing the navigable river open to barge traffic from the Mississippi River and beyond.


Dinner Train on the Train Bridge

The center of this train bridge remains open to leave room for ferry boats to push their tow of barges along the river. It is lowered when needed to allow the train to pass. On this night, $78 reserved your seat plus a salmon or steak dinner on the short excursion. Romancing the Rails Dinner Train was a specialty rail for February sweethearts.

Soft pretzels are an easy treat to make. This is the first time I shaped them into hearts. They were a treat this year for husband, grandkids, and February 14 piano students. It’s been a favorite recipe for over three decades!

Soft Pretzel Hearts

Shape soft pretzel dough into any shape. Make them into hearts for your loved ones to let them know you care.

Valentine’s Day is only one of the 365 days out of each year to let someone know you care. I am blessed to be on the receiving end It’s never too late to take a few minutes to write sentiments to those you care about. An encouraging word is always timely and appreciated.

A Letter of Love

A Letter of Love by Isaac Snowman 1909 graced the cover of Victorian Trading Company catalog this month. Art print is available for purchase framed or unframed.

The greatest love story written to everyone carefully woven in their mother’s womb is a story of amazing love. It’s a story about falling short, the need for a savior, and the hope we have in redeeming grace. It’s a story about unconditional, unselfish love and a perfect sacrifice.  It’s a story that defies man’s attempts to disprove or discredit it. It’s a love story that becomes personal and meaningful by the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s a love story that will not be completely understood until we see face to face.

Thank you Lord, for loving us with an everlasting love. It is a joy to see Your many attributes revealed in the living Word. Thank you for faith, hope and love eloquently described in I Corinthians 13. Thank you for Your amazing love demonstrated in Romans 5:8 and John 3:16.

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3 Responses to Hearts, Valentines and Amazing Love

  1. autumn February 20, 2017 at 6:37 am #

    Your hubby is a total sweetie! It’s little things like that that make our hearts sing when we look at our mate. Did hubbs get any of those scrumptious looking heart pretzels?

  2. Janet Bamesberger February 20, 2017 at 9:30 am #

    Your expressions of love are so special, Joanne! And, so are Steve’s! It’s the “little things” that makes someone’s day, and you’re ultra talented in doing that!

  3. Gretchen Carlson February 20, 2017 at 10:40 am #

    I echo your thoughts, Joanne. I’m thankful for hearts, Valentines, pretzels, trains on bridges, creative neighbors, and loving husbands. And I’m overwhelmed with God’s Amazing Love. We are blessed!

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