Victorian Christmas Paper House

Friendship Features Victorian Christmas Glitter House

Hello friends, it’s Friday! My friendship feature today introduces a comrade who loves to build and create. When Ms.Builder gets an idea, she has laser focus to get it accomplished. This wife and mother of two children is presently building a house while homeschooling their daughter. Let me take you back a few years to a time when several friends gathered in her living room for a weekly Bible study and coffee.

When we weren’t gathered to study the Word, we would work on craft projects, look through seed catalogs, pour through decorating magazines, and talk about hopes, dreams, & family. One dreamy December day, Ms. Builder casually mentioned she was going to build a paper house. From one week to the next, she had created a little Victorian village of Christmas glitter houses.

Victorian Christmas Paper House

Victorian Christmas Glitter House

Let’s just say she wowed us. These houses are uniquely designed and constructed, papered with hymns and Christmas carols, decorated with wreaths and garlands, and sprinkled with glittery snow. I want to live in this cozy village!

Victorian Christmas- Paper House Village

Victorian Christmas Paper House Village

The red and white ticking fabric is perfect for the barn door and the awnings. The inside of a cardboard box creates a convincing roof. I am in awe of every detail.

Paper House Barn

Paper House Barn- Snow placement is perfection!

A similar barn pattern for a New England Barn is found here .

Christmas Paper House Church

Victorian Christmas Glitter House Church

The chalk paint candelabra adds to the setting, giving an option for extra lighting for this display.

Christmas Paper House

Christmas Glitter House Cabin/Cottage


Victorian Christmas-Paper House Shop

I love this Victorian Christmas Glitter House Shop!

For more glitter house and paper house inspiration and patterns, visit my pinterest board. 

This gifted designer was a builder with an imagination as a child. Since I have known her, I watched her remodel a commercial building for an art studio/photograph business, build these paper houses,  remodel our kitchen, build furniture, make cabinets, build decks, get her contractor’s license, and design/remodel/build homes. There are other lists of interesting projects this talented lady has done, but for this post, I will narrow the subject to the glitter houses that sparked her building career. (The glitter houses may or may not have sparked her building career. That’s just my opinion.)

Kitchen Design

Christina Powell Designs
Kitchen for Two bedroom apartment is almost complete. Christina with her #1 helper. Within hours, the apartment was completeNote the painted shelf over the kitchen sink, the narrow spice cabinet, and the beautiful glass cabinets in her completed photos.

Here is the before photo of the apartment kitchen. I can’t even imagine tackling this project! Don’t you love the shadow of the old-fashioned city street lamp?  This creative builder pondered an option  to leave the beams exposed, before deciding to add the ceiling.

Downtown apartment

Downtown apartment after walls and ceilings were removed. After completing this apartment, she remodeled the front of her building for a commercial rental. Note the shadow of the street lamp and the lovely exposed beams.

I can remember sitting in her kitchen looking through magazines and discussing a dream of building a greenhouse with old windows in their back yard. A few weeks later found friends traveling to a nearby town to a favorite shop called Girls in Overalls to find perfect windows for her project. This may have been the trip where she spotted a chandelier I “needed” for our wrap around porch. Shortly thereafter, a greenhouse constructed of cedar and old windows (made complete with a chandelier, of course!) was built.

New greenhouse with old door and windows

Ms. Builder poses with daughter in the freshly built greenhouse featuring old windows.


Greenhouse with birds eye view and amazing windows.

Newly constructed greenhouse with birds eye view and amazing windows.

It starts with a dream. Pausing to reflect on conversations about dream homes makes me smile. Christina told me features of our Victorian home were inspiring to her. Her dreams became a reality with God given gifts, sheer determination, and unending hours of work. She designed a dream home for their family of four and convinced her builder to let her build the stairs, kitchen, fireplace, and many other features. Soon after, she became a contractor and now the sky’s the limit!

Porcelain tub with a view.

This builder is a dreamer. New bath of their home while in construction. Visit this link for the enchanting winter view .

I’m thankful Christina had a vision to improve our home. We now have a very dreamy kitchen that complements the age and style of our Victorian beauty. This story has some humor and surprises in it. I can’t wait to share it with you! Our kitchen is beyond my dreams and I will write about it soon.

If you need help with a vision or design, I suggest you contact this creative designer/builder. She can draw up architectural plans, and help you create things you never imagined existed. You can find her contact info and some of her designs here.

We’re in a season of thanksgiving and have much to be thankful for. I’m thankful for friends to dream and walk through life with. There are many friendships to feature in Friday’s to come. Christina’s glitter houses and life-size homes & projects are inspiring! Reviewing these photos make me want to dive into projects on my list. I hope her works inspire you as well!

The Lord blesses us in generous ways. He’s like that, you know. He loves us more than we can imagine. I pray He blesses you in this season of your life. As you dream, ask Him for direction and provision. Trust He has your best interest at heart!

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 “I always thank my God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus. For in him you have been enriched in every way—with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge” I Cor. 1:4-5

Grace to you

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  1. autumn November 12, 2016 at 5:29 am #

    I am honored to be a part of miss Christina Powells circle of friends and let me tell you…..she is an amazing woman. First and foremost she is a true child of God and makes all her decisions after prayerful talks with her heavenly father. Once she decides to do something moss does not grow under her feet! A morning conversation about a projects leads to midmorning plans being drawn, afternoon budget analysis, late afternoon supply run/order and the project starts the next day – if she can wait a day to start! All this AND she will stop whatever she’s doing and treat my current color choice crisis (white or off white?) as if it’s the only thing on her plate.

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