Horse drawn surrey on scenic farm

Friendship Features Horse Drawn Surrey

Welcome to Friday’s friendship spotlight. Today’s feature is a creative duo, my brother and his wife. They have recently added a specially trained horse to their farm. Moe, their new horse, pulls a surrey, which is a doorless, four-wheeled carriage. This mode of transportation preceded the automobile and today brings an air of nostalgia and quaint times. In August, we had the opportunity to ride in this horse drawn carriage when Phil and Jan hosted our family for a  dinner celebration honoring our parent’s 60th wedding anniversary.

Horse Drawn Surrey

Our parents enjoy a 60th Wedding Anniversary surrey ride on country roads.

After the anniversary couple enjoyed the first ride, each family member had an opportunity to take their turn. Phil heads for country roads to take daughter and granddaughter for a ride. C’mon, Moe, giddy up!

Horse drawn surrey on scenic farm

Horse drawn surrey rides on scenic farm.

Word got out that there was a horse drawn surrey in the area and soon Moe was pulling the carriage for his first Nebraska bride. The drivers gussied up in period attire and the surrey was polished and decorated.

Horse Drawn Surrey for Wedding Couple

Horse Drawn Surrey waits for Bride & Groom.

We get back to Nebraska for an occasional visit to see my parents. We were back last December and decided to run over to visit Phil & Jan. We were surprised to see that they had just returned from bringing home the carriage and were unloading their new hand-made surrey.

Surrey arrives at the farm.

Surrey arrives at the farm.

It felt like they were opening a Christmas package as I watched them unload it. Pausing to step back in time, yet gazing at the future, I imagined all the fun memories they were going to make with their grandchildren and the rest of the family.


We arrive just in time to help unload the surrey. (my help was to document the event with the camera)

On each visit to their their farm, I check to see what Jan has added to her flower beds. We share the love of gardening and antiques, so there are lots of things to take note of. Her farm themed bed, planted next to their shop, recently had additions that made me sigh. Don’t you love the white iron bed against that red backdrop? This bed has lovely details and I swooned over the delicate design.

Ornate Iron Bed in the Flower Bed

Ornate iron bed takes center stage in the flower bed.

Here is the flower bed last winter and a better look at their historic barn. Restoring this barn was first on the agenda when they bought the farm. The shop was added later as they expanded.

winter scene with red barns

Winter scene of flower bed next to shop. This bed is accented with farm relics.

The following photo shows my folks farm in the background. This feedlot is midway between farms. Dad had feedlot cattle for years. I had my turn at plowing the summer fallow with the tractor in the field in the background. The pasture was connected to other valleys  that we could ride our horses in. Living on the farm was a great life!

Metal farm sign for feedlot

The Bamesberger feedlot sign is a creative welcome.

I’m glad Phil has a heart to farm. It’s not an easy life, but for the right person, it is very rewarding. Their success is truly remarkable and inspiring. If you would like to read more about their diverse farming operation you can visit his website.

Thanks for taking time to stop by. Y’all come back!

Grace to you

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3 Responses to Friendship Features Horse Drawn Surrey

  1. Linda Vigil October 28, 2016 at 4:42 pm #

    I love your blog and can’t believe I missed out on all this. I haven’t seen my cousin Steve in years and I am so happy you are all doing so well. I love your home, gardens, and everything you share. I am horrible with plants (I am learning little by little) but I LOVE them and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation, Thank you so much for sharing. I feel like a city girl (I didn’t really think I was until I ran across your blog LOL). I love tea parties and I host our Turning Point Ladies Holiday Party every year in my home. I love to get ideas and I know I will learn so much from your blog. Lord Bless you and your family. Linda Vigil

    • withendlessgrace October 30, 2016 at 7:34 am #

      What a delight to hear from you! I’m glad you found me. Your sweet words are kind and encouraging. How fun that we share so many interests!
      You must be planning your Turning Point Ladies party already. I know the women are blessed by your hospitality. I want to hear more about that and know I can learn new ideas from you too!
      Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope to hear from you soon!
      God bless! Joanne

  2. autumn October 28, 2016 at 5:54 pm #

    That is so cool. And it’s nice to see Steve NOT threatening to throw something at you. He must not have known you were taking pictures..

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