Fresh greens in urn for Christmas

Christmas Urns-Fresh Looks With Fresh Greens

Fresh greens are always in season when decorating for Christmas. Available to purchase or gather, greens add fragrance and a fresh look to your decor. Yes, they are messy and take extra time to gather, but the results are worth it! Choose a favorite urn or container and create different looks by adding different elements and your available greens. In the South, we have the bonus of being able to use magnolia leaves. Look around your yard or neighborhood to gather pine, holly, cedar, juniper, boxwood, or camellia. You might be surprised to see what greens you might find!

  Urns are widely used for container arrangements at Christmas. My floral designer friend featured here, uses her gifts to create a different look with these large white urns from our floral collection at church. The past few years she has varied the fresh greens and added other elements to these favorite urns. Here are a few of her creations for the past several years.

Fresh greens and red berries in Christmas topiary

Fresh greens of magnolia and pine, red berry sprigs, Christmas balls spray, and metal topiary make a lovely arrangement in large white urn.


Fresh greens in urn for Christmas

Fresh greens of holly and cedar with red berries in white urn with hurricane glass and candle


Christmas decor at church

Magnolia leaves and holly sprigs with Christmas balls in urns with hurricane glass at FBC Ozark.

Using similar greens in other spots gives harmony to the decor.

Christmas decor at church

Christmas decor at church features fresh poinsettia, fresh magnolia leaves, large topiary in urns with fresh greens and 9 ft Christmas tree.


Christmas Decor using Poinsettias, garland, red berries and a metal urn

Adding one urn gives this spot a different look, which has typically held a row of poinsettia.

When we have the opportunity to visit other churches at Christmas, I love to see how fresh greens are used in the sanctuary. We worshipped with our son and his family a few years ago and I snapped the following shots for inspiration.

Christmas greens in the sanctuary

Effective use of magnolia and other fresh greens in sanctuary of St. Andrews Anglican Church in Little Rock.


Fresh greens at the altar

Fresh magnolia leaves, fresh topiary and other greens give a classic elegance at the altar.


Fresh green garland

Close up of the fresh green garland at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church.

Next week ladies will gather to decorate the church on Friday when the poinsettias arrive. I look forward to collaborating with these women to create something worshipful and beautiful. But for now, I ‘m going to dash off to get ready to go to a Christmas Tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree with our grandchildren. Enjoy preparing for Christmas to celebrate our Savior and Redeemer!

I love this scripture and prophetic verse that is a free printable found here.


Grace to you

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2 Responses to Christmas Urns-Fresh Looks With Fresh Greens

  1. autumn November 27, 2016 at 5:42 am #

    I’ve been feeling the chill in the air and I know it’s time to switch my Fall decorations over to Christmas but just haven’t been inspired. Probably because I’m still digesting cookie and pie carbs. Since all I have here is frost damaged basil and oaks I’ll have to head to your place for tea (served in beautiful cups!) and boxwood clipping 🙂

    • withendlessgrace November 27, 2016 at 2:15 pm #

      You are always welcome to stop in for tea. The beautiful cups would love to be taken out of the cupboard for such an occasion! Thanks for the gentle reminder that I am collecting boxwood clippings for you. I will gladly accept a frost damaged basil delivery, preferably before our next frost on Wednesday. The Christmas tree is up and waiting to be decorated, and I am still savoring the fall decorations in the dining room and front porch. It may be a slow transition. Come and see me!

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